Yatiqirina Arupa Vol. 2 N.°2

Yatiqirina Arupa: Journal of Additional Languages in secondary education Vol. 2, N.° 2

This year was a real challenge for English teachers at Cesar Cohaila Tamayo School. The English team formed by Mag Roxana Carolina Perca Chagua and Oriana Caxi Maquera won a National Contest for educational innovation projects organized by FONDEP 2023. We were glad for such a wonderful news and ready to assume new challenges for the project «Casitas Editoriales Cohailinas: Estrategias de trabajo colaborativo para la elaboración de textos en inglés como LE.»  Our first goal was to involve our students in writing activities that were meaningful for them. How to do that? Our first source was the community social calendar. We made them reflect about their previous experiences in these important dates but with special focus on environmental practices. Were we eco-friendly or not? That was the question they tried to answer in their articles. And they did that, following
a basic argumentation scheme…

You can read the complete text here: Yataqirina Arupa Vol. 2 N 2

Mag. Roxana Carolina Perca Chagua, Prof. Oriana Gladys Caxi Mamani
The Festival of Carnival in Tacna
Ivet Belinda Ccallomamani Chacolla, Esther Nelida Mamani Llano, Ruth Hetziba Villavicencio 
Bernales and Mary Liz Atencio Camacutipa
The Problem of Plastic Pollution at Mercado Grau
Frank Williams Llanque Quiñonez, Yoel Charca Apaza, Jeferson  Ulises Mendoza León and Milagros 
Soledad Mamani Chura
How to Reduce Pollution on Mother's Day
Nadine Kristel Mamani Lopez, Daniel Chambi Cutipa, Jhosmar A. Maquera Quispe, Yanela Catunta 
León, Alexander Ventura Ibañez, Fabiana de la Cruz Cosanatan
Let's Go Green on Father's Day
Jose Antonio Cutimbo Ticona, Jhon Anthony Vilca Ticona, Basilia Mariela Apaza Mucho, Anderson
 Enrique Centeno Cutipo, Vanesa Carmen Cruz Chambi, David Quispe Queque
Let's Stop Plastic Pollution at Alto de la Alianza Square
Mirelly de Fatima Layme Anquise, Delia Natalia Gonzales Mamani, Cesar Rodrigo Anguiosa Hualpa, 
Jeremy Josue Laquise Gomez, Jose Alberto Del Aguila D'Azebedo
How to Keep Bombonera Flea Market Free of Plastic
Patricia Adriana Perca Pancca, Fabiana Belen De la Cruz Cosanatan, Yanela Estefani catunta Leon, 
Diana Milagros Gutierrez Huarecallo, Jennifer Brenda Cutipa Choque
Let's Stop Plastic Pollution at the Bombonera Flea Market
Edmilson Oliber Chambilla Manuelo, Elias Ever Alanoca Banegas, Rosa Erminia Cahuina Montalico, 
Santos Martin Gomez Paredes
Let's Have a Clean Market
Nadine Kristel Mamani Lopez, Jhon Anthony Vilca Ticona, David Quispe Queque, Celinda Jazmin 
Pacompia Blanco, Yenny Ema Leon Mayta, Anderson Enrique Centeno Cutipa
The Problem of Plastic Pollution at I.E. César Cohaila Tamayo
Katerin Yulisa Yujra Centeno, Andres Emerson Huanacuni Flores, Brigitte Natali Mamani Medina, 
Milagros Katy Maquera Santos
Sharing Empanadas on 2023 Sports Day
Jhoselin Lizeth Flores Lupaca, Cynthia America Layme Santos, Ruth Karina Yujra Huanca, Elvis Yalfir Torres 
Ccallata and Juan Gabriel Mamani Gutierrez